Programme Objective

The Ministry is the institutional body of the State responsible for the formulation, articulation and implementation of all policies and plans relating to Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation. The funds provided under the account are intended to cover the costs of salaries and other administrative costs in respect of:

  1. Co-ordination and appraisal of all programmes of the various Departments, Divisions, and Units within the Ministry
  2. Maintenance of communication and contact with local, regional and international bodies and stakeholders affecting the functions of the Ministry
  3. Administration of revenue and expenditure transactions approved by Parliament


  1. To promote Government’s policy of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Rural Transformation
  2. To promote the work of other organization’s support to the implementation of the Ministry’s work programme and projects – CARDI, IICA and the Taiwanese Technical Mission
  3. To provide communication’s support to Units, Divisions and Departments of the Ministry through news releases and announcements
  4. To allow for online processing of forms
  5. To inform the public about the work of the Ministry
  6. To provide decision-making information to farmers, fisherfolk, members of staff and the public


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