The Forestry Service in the Ministry of Agriculture has reported that fire in the Zion Trail has caused extensive damage to the trail.

The trail which is located in Barrouallie, was developed with grant funding from the Global Environment Fund (GEF) and was established by the Forestry Service in collaboration with a community group. According to the Agency for Public Information, it is reported that the fire started sometime during Wednesday, 25th May ,2022 in the night.

The recreational site already had bathroom facilities, a well-defined hiking trail, a gazebo and other facilities were being developed. Speaking to the Agency for Public Information, Forestry Supervisor Bradford Latham said the trail is one of the success stories of community-government collaboration and it is a set-back to the work that has been done so far.

The Forestry Service says it is carrying out investigations into the cause of the fire.

SOURCE: National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC)

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